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"I cannot thank you enough for recovering data from my DVD. I had recorded my sonís first birthday party. Imagine my horror when the recorder couldnít read the disk. I chose you because of your fixed rates which were very reassuring as nobody wants to get ripped off. Your service was very good. Your engineers managed to recover the entire data in a matter of hours. The video meant a lot for us and we are absolutely delighted to have it back. Thanks a lot!"

Joe Lyman, Manchester, UK. February 2008

"I would like to convey my appreciation to you for the efficient and quick service you have provided us in our hour of need. When our Linux RAID-5 server crashed and all hell broke loose I thought we were in big trouble. Your techies sized up the problem quickly and assured me that there was a good chance of recovering the data. True to their word, they were able to recover all of it within 36 hours. Please accept my heart-felt thanks."

Felipe Gonzales, CompuTechnics, New York, USA. February 2008

"Wonderful job guys! I thought there was no hope after the collapse of my desktop hard disk. As a professional photographer, I have been storing all my photographs in it over the years. Your engineers have done a marvellous job as they got the entire data back the next day. I cannot thank you enough for your prompt and efficient service. Keep up the good work! I have already recommended you to several of my peers."

John Cowdrey-Smith, London. February 2008

"You saved my life last week. My laptop contained a very important presentation. I was devastated when it fell to the ground and couldnít be booted up. With just four days left for the business conference, I felt as if I had been run over by a truck. Many thanks for the wonderful service. While dealing with your staff, I got the impression that they really knew their job. I will definitely recommend you to others. "

Johan Pietersen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, UK. February 2008

"While on holiday, my digital camera fell into a lake. I managed to retrieve it but all the family pictures I had taken over the last ten days were gone in an instant. The card couldnít be read by any card reader. A friend of mine recommended your company, and I am happy to say I made the correct choice. The card was soaked in water but still your staff managed to get all 700 of my pictures back. Your service was first-class in every respect and the engineers did a wonderful job. I had a very pleasant experience with your company."

Michael Evans, Cardiff, UK. February 2008

"Our office building caught fire and the computers were totally charred. The hard disks were badly disfigured and burnt. I thought all was lost and nothing could be done to retrieve precious data that included irreplaceable customer and financial records. How wrong I was! Your team extracted over 95 percent of our files from the charred disks, a feat I considered impossible. You saved us from an absolute catastrophe and we are now fully back in operation. I cannot thank you enough!"

Laura Ashton, San Francisco, USA. February 2008

"Your fixed prices are the most customer-friendly initiative I can think of. I have lost data before but every time I felt overcharged by the recovery companies. I am very impressed with your policy of fixed prices for data recovery. Your customer-oriented approach and fast and efficient service are outstanding."

Raymond J Winston, Los Angeles, USA. January 2008

"I deleted a very important file by mistake and then emptied the Recycle Bin to free up some disk space. And then it struck me that the file I had deleted was an important one that I wanted back at any cost. I was in an absolute panic. Your staff retrieved the file in just one day. You have got this customer thankful for life!"

Fiona Cotton, Berkley, USA. January 2008

"It was a disaster when lightening hit my house and fried my desktopís hard disk. I am a professional writer and the disk held the only manuscript of the book I had been writing for the last year. I discovered your company on the Internet and liked your fixed prices and the no-nonsense attitude of your support staff. My disk was repaired by you in record time and I got all my data back. Your engineers did a very good job!"

Maurice E Richards, Florida, USA. January 2008

"Your technicians managed to recover 100 percent of our lost data in a matter of hours. The client couldnít thank us enough for solving the problem and saving him a load of inconvenience. But we know that the real credit belongs to you. Thanks a bunch for coming to our rescue."

Janet Lucock, Wisconsin, USA. January 2008

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