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Server Recovery

RAID Server Recovery? Just £995* Fixed Fee!

Servers and RAID systems are sophisticated machines that offer tremendous functionality in terms of speed and availability of data to businesses. But they are only “fault-tolerant” systems, not "fault-proof". They can fail or get damaged due to issues relating to design, technology or implementation or causes beyond anyone’s control, bringing all your mission-critical operations to a grinding halt!

RAID systems are getting more and more complex with time. Today’s organisations have migrated from single-drive architecture to high-performance, distributed I/O configuration for their data-storage needs due to more powerful operating systems, more capable applications and much heavier and bulky data files.

Recovering data from such disk array systems is not always easy or even possible. However, Phoenix Data Recovery has over the last 15 years developed special expertise and insight into the recovery of very complex and high-performance RAID arrays, both spanned and striped.

Our highly trained and experienced engineers are totally dedicated to extracting your data files from IDE, SATA and SCSI-based drives as efficiently, quickly and cheaply as possible so that you suffer minimum down-time and inconvenience.

If you have suffered catastrophic data loss in your RAID 0, 1, 5 or even 10 systems, Phoenix Data Recovery’s engineers guarantee our personal attention to your problem on a priority basis to get your business back on its feet in no time. We can expertly fix any broken RAID system regardless of its size or configuration.

Recovering RAID Data

When a RAID array fails, you may be tempted to solve the problem locally by attempting many quick-fixes such as hot swapping and regeneration of the array. If these work, all is well and good. But if the problem is not resolved, this tweaking and tuning may have actually compounded the problem. In such a case, you need professional help from people who have been handling RAID failures for years as a matter of routine.

Usually, all we need to recover data are the hard drives. Our engineers try to fix the hardware-integrity first (RAID recovery) and then turn their attention to reconstruction of the array system structures (data recovery). The entire recovery is done in our state-of-the-art clean room, supervised by our highly-qualified experts who share unique insights into database design.

Due to the long experience of our engineers, there is hardly any RAID recovery situation that we have not met before over the years. Phoenix Data Recovery is proud to say that we have recovered many complex RAID arrays that many competitors had declared beyond salvage.

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