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Fixed Price Policy

Transparent Fixed Price Policy

There are no exceptions to our pricing policy. Phoenix Data Recovery recognised the need for more transparency of costs within the data recovery industry. We have been told that many data recovery companies quote ‘condition of the storage media’, ‘number of laboratory hours’ or ‘engineering effort’ as justification to significantly raise the costs of recovery once they have your disk.

However, we know from experience that the vast majority of jobs require similar amounts of effort from technicians and engineers and the rest of the work is carried out by equipment or software. This is why we try to be as transparent as possible. Please be aware that a minority of hard disk drives and RAIDs do indeed require substantially more work than the average job; for example, some physical recoveries require parts and some logical failures and deleted data recoveries require substantial forensic work. We therefore make the following fixed price promise.

Fixed Price Promise

We will not do any cost-incurring work without your authorization!

  • We will recover from Hard Disk Drives for £295 + VAT
  • We will recover from removable media for £125 + VAT
  • We will recover from RAID systems for £995 + VAT

In the event that parts/forensic work is required then, the costs are outlined below:

  • In most cases (90%+) - FREE: we usually have parts in our library and forensics is rare!
  • For some - £15-£120

We will then provide you with replacement storage media of your choice.

  • DVD/CD - Free
  • Hard Disk Drives - please ask an Account Manager

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